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Rodless electro-mechanical actuators

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Rodless electro-mechanical actuators

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Product Finder. Pneumatic actuators. Cylinder with piston rod, metric; Cylinder with piston rod, inch; Drives with linear guides; Rodless cylinders metric

Rodless electromechanical actuator selection tips WP

10 tips for selecting rodless electromechanical linear actuators Specifying the best rodless actuator for the application is easier when you use these tips. Get the facts.

Rodless Electro-mechanical Actuators by Tolomatic (Tol-O ...

BCS rodless screw actuators provide good tracking and superior load support. SLS Electric Linear Slide Actuator SLS electric linear slide actuators guidance system uses recirculating bearings on ground steel shafts for long life.

Rodless Pneumatic Linear Actuators Products & Suppliers ...

average selling price of a pneumatic rodless linear actuator was $247.20; the IHS report The World Market for Linear Motion Products estimated the cost of an electro-mechanical rodless linear actuator in 2012 to be $1,394.

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tions for your linear motion requirements with a complete offering of electro- mechanical actuators, machine structure and guarding systems, end effectors,

Rodless Electric Actuators Products & Suppliers ...

In October 2008, Parker Hannifin acquired Origa Group, a manufacturer of rodless pneumatic actuators , electric actuators, FRLs (filter regulator lubricator), pneumatic cylinders, and valves used in the transportation, semiconductor, packaging and conveying markets.


Rodless electro-mechanical actuators have an advantage over electric rod actuators, as many have the ability to support and carry loads. This can reduce costs and design time by eliminating the need for other load-bearing and guiding elements. In contrast

Rodless Linear Screw Actuators Actuator by Tolomatic

Rodless Linear Screw Actuators Tolomatic offer rodless linear screw actuators with acme, ball and roller screw configurations. Each rodless linear screw actuator is built with Tolomatic's Endurance Technology features for optimal performance.

Electric Rod Actuators, Rodless Electro-mechanical ...

Rodless Electro-mechanical Actuators; Tolomatic offers rodless electro-mechanical actuators in both screw and belt driven designs with a wide variety of bearing styles and options. MXE-S Screw Actuators; more info; The MXE-S electric linear screw actuator with a solid bearing design reduces stress concentration for optimal performance.

Tolomatic PennAir

Since 1954, Tolomatic has been manufacturing innovative automation components. From gearboxes and brakes to pneumatic actuators and complete electrical linear motion systems, Tolomatic motion solutions are moving businesses forward.

Tolomatic Electric Actuators, Available on Rockwell ...

Tolomatic electric rod actuators and rodless electro-mechanical actuators are available for specification on Rockwell Automations Motion Analyzer web-based software, making it easier for engineer teams to specify, design and validate complete motion control systems that use Allen Bradley controls.

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Electro Mechanical Generally the words solution provider get thrown around pretty often. At AAP, we would rather think of ourselves as an Engineering or Logistics resource.

Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators - Shaltz Automation

Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators information Electric Rod Actuators Tolomatics electric rod style lineup includes low cost electric cylinders , linear slides , smart actuators , and linear servo actuators .

Tolomatic actuators available on Rockwell design sw

ERD electric actuators are a low-cost alternative to pneumatic cylinders. The RSA high-thrust actuator combines high performance and mounting flexibility. Tolomatic rodless electro-mechanical actuators (MXE, MXB) are available in both screw- and belt-drive designs and

Parker Electromechanical Products Distributor - Parker ...

Parker Linear Belt Actuator. We offer our clients a comprehensive variety of Parker OSPE.B Belt Driven Linear Actuator which offers a cost effective solutions aimed at small to medium industrial applications that calls for high speeds and long travels.

Types of Actuators and Their Applications and Uses - ThomasNet

Actuators are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that provide controlled and sometimes limited movements or positioning which are operated electrically, manually, or by various fluids such as air, hydraulic, etc. Two basic motions are linear and rotary.

Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators - Shaltz Automation

A leading supplier of electric linear motion and pneumatic actuators, Tolomatics expertise in linear actuators is backed by 50 years of original product innovation, integrity, and the best service in the industry. Their extensive product line includes electric linear and pneumatic actuators, linear servo actuators for high thrust, integrated Smart Actuators, drives & motors, and configured ...

Electro-Mechanical Rodless Actuators, Bimba Rodless ...

These rodless actuators are built for affordability, precision positioning, high speed, and peak thrust for both heavy and light payloads. Models are available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel bodies.

Rodless Electric Linear Actuators - Electric Rodless ...

A typical rod style actuator with a 2-inch body size and an 8-inch stroke, has an approximate overall length when the rod is extended of 21.75 inches. The equivalent 2-inch body size, 8-inch stroke rodless electro mechanical actuator has an overall length of 14.3 inches.

Parker Electromechanical Products Distributor - Parker ...

Parker Linear Ball Screw Actuator. The Parker Linear actuator with ball screw that we bring for our clients is a perfect combination of adaptability and rugged construction in a solid motion stand that is ideal for continuous process automation.

Tolomatic linear motion - Air Hydro Power

Rodless Electro-mechanical Actuators Electric Rod Actuators Tolomatics electric rod style lineup includes low cost electric cylinders , linear slides , smart actuators , and linear servo actuators .

Rodless - Product Catalogue - Motion Tech

Home >> Mechanical >> ACTUATORS (Linear Electro Mechanical), Rodless Actuators. Manufactured by: Thomson Linear Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Ltd. Ph +61 2 9524 4782. For use in domestic, office or medical applications; Rigid self supporting extruded aluminum profile;

Electromechanical Actuators - Hunt Valve Actuators

Our specialty is electromechanical actuation and we offer a comprehensive range of products that are made in the U.S. As the Experts in Extreme Engineering, we can design standard, modified, or completely customized mechanical linear systems.

Tolomatic Inc. Company Profile - Design News

Our extensive product line includes rodless electro-mechanical actuators, electric rod actuators, linear servo actuators, integrated Smart Actuators, ServoWeld® resistance spot welding actuators, drives, motors, configured linear motion systems and pneumatic actuators. Tolomatic also manufactures right-angle gear drives, caliper disc brakes, and clutches.

Tolomatic Neff Power

Tolomatic is the leading supplier electrical linear actuators for over 60 years. Their expertise extends to servo-driven high-thrust actuators, servo and stepper motors, drives and configured linear systems.

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