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What clothing to wear in vietnam

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What clothing to wear in vietnam

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Vietnamese Traditional Clothing Asian Recipes

(South) Many men and women wear western styled clothing. Some women still wear the traditional au dai. In most rural areas women wear loose white-shirts with skirts. Men in rural areas wear western clothes too. The Vietnamese typically wear lightweight clothing. Rural women wear loose-fitting dark-pants and blouses that are often embroideredin brilliant colors.

Vietnamese clothing - Wikipedia

Vietnamese clothing refers to the traditional clothes worn in Vietnam. During the Nguyn dynasty, the Vietnamese were forced to wear Chinese style clothing. But now from the twentieth century onward Vietnamese people wear clothing that is popular internationally.

Women Clothing Manufacturer in VIetnam

The following garment tech pack check list is what I define as a complete tech pack based on my experience working in Vietnam as an apparel production advisor for a ưomen clothing manufacturer in Vietnam.

Vietnam - What to Pack - Clothing and Supplies Tips ...

Clothes are cheap in Vietnam. The Vietnamese dress very conservatively. Women and men wear long pants and short or long sleeve tops for the most part and visitors should do the same despite the heat.

What clothing to wear in Vietnam - Vietnam Forum - TripAdvisor

Re: What clothing to wear in Vietnam 14 Mar 2014, 4:01 AM I have always worn either vest tops or tee shirts, knee shorts or dresses etc and have never stood out by doing so.

Top 10 essential things to bring to Vietnam on your vaction

Moisture wicking clothing In Ho Chi Minh City, rainy season is from June to November and dry season is during the rest of the year, although it stays between 25-35C throughout the year. Lightweight clothing is important for this kind of weather .

Tips for What to Pack and Wear in Sapa, Vietnam The ...

Jan 18, 2016· Tips for What to Pack and Wear in Sapa, Vietnam Home Forums Travel Questions (Destination Specific) Vietnam Travel Tips & Questions Tips for What to Pack and Wear in Sapa, Vietnam This topic contains 4 replies, has 2 voices, and was

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Many Vietnamese men wear shorts (knee length) and, at least in my Nha Trang, girls and women wear shorts bordering on hot pants. The normal attire though is long trousers, a shirt/blouse and sandals or shoes for men and women alike.

Dress code in Vietnam - VietnamOnline

Dress code in Vietnam Vietnam is a country known for its diversity in culture and traditions. The Vietnamese are very simple people, which are mirrored in their way of living, the culture of Vietnam and especially in their clothes.

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Clothes for Vietnam. Vietnam has distinct seasons and different climates in different locations. In generals during Summer May to October its hot and humid as youd expect for a tropical country, but temperatures drop to 17 to 22 degrees Celsius during the cool season November to April.

Thorn Tree - Clothes packing - travelling north and south ...

I'm a bit confused about what clothing I need to bring for Vietnam. I'm travelling the length of the country from the 24th of November (HCMC) to the 14th of December (Hanoi). I've read that the weather's quite changeable, and I can't seem to synthesise all of the variables.

What Kind of Clothing Do Lao People Wear? - Vietnam Travel

Lao clothing. In Laos, young people often have short hair; wear the shirts with short sleeves, a round collar, shorts and wrap a colored or square scarf around their upper part of their bodies. When going to the field for work, they often wear shorts or dyed indigo trousers.

Tips on Knowing What to Wear in Hanoi - Cush Travel Blog

Many travel agencies have released memos instructing women traveling to Hanoi to not wear sleeveless tops or shorts especially when traveling to the northern parts of the region. The main reason for such is that Hanoi locals do not wear anything that reveals too much skin.

Vietnam Clothing Tips - What to wear in Vietnam

Winter clothes prices often increase when the degree drops. You could catch these shops in big cities in Vietnam easily but for a trip to rural areas, you had better prepare clothes in advance. 4 - Coming to Vietnam in the summer, you are likely to be exposed to Vietnam mosquitoes; they are not harmless as you might think. It is sure that you never want to spend your long holidays in hospital due to dengue

Suggested Packing List Vietnam

o A modesty shawl or sarong to wear in Muslim or conservative areas (for women). o Torch, conversion plug and spare batteries batteries available to buy in Vietnam tend to be unreliable. o Scarf or bandana useful to protect your face against dusty winds at high altitude.

Vietnam Travel Guide, Things To Do, Tips & Advice

Issued by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Hanoi Vietnam Head Office : 1 Dao Duy Anh, 4th Floor, Ocean Park Building, Hanoi, Vietnam. Tel Office: +84 24 73006860.

Shopping Tips for Buying Clothes in Vietnam - VietnamOnline

Trendy or brand name clothes are often sold at an outrageous price, even for some with the tag "made in Vietnam" on it. Imagine the import tax + Vietnam sale tax +

clothing to wear in Vietnam - Vietnam Forum - TripAdvisor

clothing to wear in Vietnam 23 Jul 2017, 6:21 AM My husband and I will be visiting Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos for almost 4 weeks beginning the end of September.

What to Wear in Vietnam: Packing checklists and clothing ...

Wear particularly conservative clothing if you visit a culturally sensitive area such as a temple or pagoda - generally, the less bare skin the better and specifically no shorts, short skirts, tops with low neck lines, or

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Aug 09, 2011· Re: "Must bring" or "Don't bother" packing list Aug 9, 2011, 2:42 PM Oh, and just for reference, we are going in September and our crazy, busy itinerary includes (in this order): Hanoi , Sapa , Halong Bay , Hue , Hoi An , Mui Ne , Dalat, Saigon .

What clothing to wear in Vietnam - Vietnam Forum - TripAdvisor

Mar 13, 2014· Re: What clothing to wear in Vietnam Mar 13, 2014, 6:31 PM I have always worn either vest tops or tee shirts, knee shorts or dresses etc and have never stood out by doing so.

Hanoi - What to Pack- Clothing and Supplies Tips ...

Pack comfortable shoes. In winter (November-February), dont wear heavy boots. Bring light hiking shoes instead. Make sure you have plenty of socks.

General Advice on What to Wear in Ho Chi Minh City

Wear clothing that is appropriate for prevailing weather. Ho Chi Minh (and in fact the rest of Vietnam) has always been a rainy city. Make sure to wear a raincoat to lessen the hassle of having your clothes soaked in rainwater.

Journeywoman - What Should I Wear?

According to The Treasures and Pleasures of Vietnam and Cambodia, 'Given Vietnam's tropical climate and informal lifestyle, plan to pack as if you were visiting New Orleans or Atlanta -- lightweight cotton clothing is especially important for hot and humid days.

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