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Flying U.S. Flag Upside-Down not sign of Protest - The ...

Oct 30, 2007· The United States Flag Code gives an explanation of reasons to fly the American flag upside-down, and none of the reasons include protest. Recently, I have witnessed many stories where people are flying the American flag upside-down as a form of protest against any number of things: the war, the President, the Supreme Court, school, etc.

Texas Flag Flies at the Same Height as the U.S. Flag?

Claim: Texas' is the only state flag authorized to be flown at the same height as the U.S. national flag.

Flag Etiquette Flag Etiquette Regulations Knowledge ...

Flag etiquette is a combination of law (what you must do) and maritime tradition (expectations of behaviour within the sea faring community). Being ill-informed of your obligations could lead you to cause insult at home or abroad by giving a signal you do not intend to give, or could lead you to a fine for breaking the law.

American Flag and Gift

We carry any flag, any size including custom flags and flagpoles! You can be sure of our quality because our flags are MADE IN AMERICA from the best materials available and carry a

When and How to Fly the Flag - United States Flag

Flying the flag with the union down is considered a "breach of etiquette" (Sharpman). However, it can be used as a call for help, similar to SOS, if you are in extreme danger and need assistance. Throughout the years war protesters have flown the flag upside down to show that the entire country is in distress.

Fly the flag - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

See also: flag, fly. fly the flag. COMMON. 1. If you fly the flag for your country or a group to which you belong, you represent it or do something to support it. I would love to fly the flag for Britain and win the Eurovision Song Contest. Note: Verbs such as carry, show or wave are sometimes used instead of fly.

How to choose your yacht's flag state Boat International

The flag you choose to fly from your transom can have a direct bearing on your privacy, taxes, exposure to liability and boarding, the vessels success as a commercial enterprise, and,

Flag Etiquette Rules: How to Fly the Stars and Stripes US Flag

It is not illegal or improper to fly any flag (state, ethnic group, organization, etc.) alone but it is always preferable to display the Stars and Stripes at the same time. If one flag is at half-staff in mourning, other flags flow with it should be at half-staff.

Flying Another Country's Flag in USA American Flags Forum

Feb 04, 2013· jproffitt10: "According to the U.S. Flag Code, "No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in position of superior prominence or honor to, or IN PLACE OF, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or an territory or possession thereof.""

Union Jack - Wikipedia

The Union Jack, or Union Flag, is the national flag of the United Kingdom.The flag also has an official or semi-official status in some other Commonwealth realms: for example, it is a ceremonial flag in Canada by parliamentary resolution, and known there as the Royal Union Flag. Further, it is used as an official flag in some of the smaller British overseas territories.

Why Does Betsy DeVoss Family Yacht Fly a Foreign Flag ...

When the familys 164-foot yacht was untethered from a Huron, Ohio, dock, it was flying a flag of the Cayman Islands, where the yacht is registered, according to VesselTracker.

Places the Confederate flag still flies - CBS News

The boycott began in 2000, after a debate ignited over the flying of the Confederate flag atop South Carolina's Statehouse dome.

Massachusetts college will not fly American flag on campus

The decision not to fly any flags on campus has also sparked backlash, and thousands have flooded the college's Facebook page with feedback to call it a "horrible decision" and "appalling."

Flags For Fallen Military

To date any family whose hero has perished may receive the formal flag offering letter. This is the only contact with the families; it is up to the family to contact the program if they wish for a flag and flagpole in memory of their deceased son, daughter or family member.

FACT CHECK: Donald Trump's Outsized Flagpole

Claim: Donald Trump violated Palm Beach ordinances by putting up an outsized U.S. flag and pole, then donating the money he was fined to veterans' organizations.

Eileen Iorio on Twitter: "Being Irish is not a religion ...

Nov 17, 2018· Flying your country's national flag is a sign of pride in your country. If you migrate to another country, you adopt their flag and culture (I live by that), esp when Irish tax payers are paying for it.

U.S. Flag Code: American Flag Etiquette, Rules, and ...

In a procession, the American flag should be to the right of any other flag or, if in a line of other flags, in front of the center of that line. When displayed from a staff projecting from a building, the union should be at the peak of the staff.

Confederate Flag: Whos Free To Fly It, Who Isnt, And Why ...

Jun 25, 2015· And while hoisting a Confederate flag on state property isnt an illegal use of power, it is a politically abusive one, for all the reasons so recently recited.

United Kingdom: Royal Navy pennants - CRW Flags

Paying Off Pennants. In the Royal Navy a paying-off pennant is flown to mark the end of a ship's commission. Traditionally the pennant is the same length as the ship, and somewhat longer if the commission has been extended.

Pennant (commissioning) - Wikipedia

In the Royal Navy the commissioning pennant is flown continuously in every ship and establishment in commission unless displaced by a senior officer's Rank flag. The masthead pennant is a cross of St George in the hoist and a white fly.

Paying real $$to fly XP signal flags - General Game ...

well It only charges you if you have none of those flags to mount. prior to the change when you ran out you simply couldn't use the flags till you earned more, this lets you still mount them when you run out.

USAGovs Guide to Displaying the American Flag USAGov

Learn more about the flag, its history, protocol, and ways to pay your respects, including the proper way to fold it. This Independence Day , show your patriotism by proudly displaying the old Red, White and Blue while celebrating the nations 240th birthday.

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