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Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants

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Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants

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Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants

Nov 28, 2012· Most couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants in their foam padding that pose a danger to human health, says a Duke University-led study released Nov. 28, 2012.

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Toxic flame reTardanTs are found in everyThing from high chairs To couches and a growing body of evidence suggesTs ThaT These chemicals harm human healTh and The environmenT.

5 Affordable Couches Without Flame Retardants - 80% Clean ...

Here are my top picks for stores that carry affordable couches without flame-retardants (and the couch that I ended up buying): Pottery Barn and West Elm All couches made after January 1, 2015 from Pottery Barn and their sister company West Elm do not contain added flame retardants.

Are You Sitting on a Cancer-Causing Couch? TakePart

The problem was, if you were shopping for a new couch, you had no idea whether it contained flame retardants. Not anymore. Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, makers of flexible polyurethane foam, for upholstered and reupholstered furniture, must attach a permanent disclosure label to their products.

Study Warns of Toxic Flame Retardants in Most Couches ...

Nov 28, 2012· The Duke-U.C. study noted that many of the flame retardants found in the couches are "associated with hormone disruption, neurological and reproductive toxicity and/or cancer in

Would You Like Flame Retardants With That Couch? HuffPost

Jul 21, 2014· This January, California made a move that pleased many worried parents: It removed the state standard that required flame retardants in the filling of upholstered furniture.

Fire safety laws lead to toxic chemical exposure

The first study found potentially harmful chemicals in 85, of American couches contain the same toxic flame retardant, that millions of pounds of toxic fire retardants be ...

Yes, Your Couch Is Probably Toxic - Sightline Institute

Finally, products with labels with Technical Bulletin 117-2013 or TB117-2013 may or may not contain flame retardant chemicals. Ask the store staff, or check with the manufacturer. Ask questions re

Toxic Flame Retardants Found in Most Couches - Fitness ...

Many couch manufacturers use toxic chemicals as a flame retardant. About 41% of the couches tested contain the same chemical that was banned in childrens clothing back in the 70s. It appears that upholstered couches are the most at risk.

Household flame retardants potentially ineffective ...

Some classes of toxic flame retardants, like many other chemicals, are also transferable through breast milk.

Many flame retardants in house dust at unsafe levels ...

A peer-reviewed study of the largest number of flame retardants ever tested in homes found that most houses had levels of at least one flame retardant that exceeded a federal health guideline.

Are You Safe on That Sofa? - The New York Times

May 20, 2012· Chances are that if youre sitting on a couch right now, it contains flame retardants. This will probably do no good if your house catches fire although it may release toxic smoke.

Here's Where You Can Buy a Couch Without Flame Retardants

Not exactlybut toxic flame retardants in furniture do pose a risk to our health. Flame-retardant chemicals are added to the foam in chairs, sofas and other products to inhibit the spread of fire.

Many home couches contain potentially toxic flame ...

The researchers analyzed 102 foam samples from residential couches and found that more manufacturers -- about 85 percent -- are now using flame retardants

Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants

Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants Durango, Colorado Summary: Snow (< 1 in.) on Monday, with high temperatures falling to 47° next Tuesday.

Toxic Chemicals In Furniture BlackDoctor

Many couches sold in the United States contain toxic chemical flame retardants that have been linked with cancer, hormone disruption and neurological damage, according to a new study.

Duke University study finds many couches contain toxic ...

Nov 28, 2012· A Duke University study found more than half of sofas tested in a 15-year timeframe contained potentially toxic or untested flame-retardants, which could be harmful to a persons ...

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Flame retardant levels were higher in couches bought in California than anywhere else and childrens exposure to PBDEs in California is among the highest in the world. Unfortunately, due to the size of Californias market the states flammability standards have become the de facto standard.

Is Your Couch Making You Sick? - ErisFit

Over 85% of couches used flame retardants that were potentially toxic or had never been tested for safety at all. This is a bit disturbing if your own a couch, commute to work by automobile, travel on an airplane or work in an office.

Flame retardants legal definition of Flame retardants

Washington, November 29( ANI ): Many home couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants, scientists have revealed. Home couches found to contain toxic chemicals Twenty-six international academics and researchers contribute ten chapters reporting research on flame retardants and their functions, properties and safety.

Many Couches Contain Toxic Flame Retardants HealthCentral

Many Couches Contain Toxic Flame Retardants Dec 5, 2012 If all you want to do at the end of the day is relax on the couch, then Duke University has some bad news for you.

Most American Couches Contain Toxic Flame Retardants

November 30, 2012 Researchers have found that the majority of couches in the United States contain massive amounts of toxic flame retardant chemicals, including several chemicals that were banned after being linked to hormone disruptions, cancer, and neurological disorders.

Cancer and the Couch: Your Furniture Is Coated in ...

That doesnt mean newer couches cant contain flame-retardants. But most manufacturers have phased out these chemicals, says Arlene Blum, executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute .

Toxic chemicals found in Maine furniture - Lewiston Sun ...

They found that 85 percent contained toxic or untested flame-retardant chemicals, including Rottmans couch and another sofa from Portland. Couches purchased after 2005 were of particular concern.

Potentially Toxic Flame Retardants Found in Many U.S ...

-- More than half of all couches tested in a Duke University-led study contained potentially toxic or untested chemical flame retardants that may pose risks to human health. Among the chemicals detected was Tris, a chlorinated flame retardant that is considered a probable human carcinogen based on

Common household products contain flame retardant ...

Toxic flame retardants can disrupt the thyroid glands normal functions The flame retardants are similar to thyroid hormones. When these endocrine disruptors are absorbed by accident, they affect the function and balance of the organ.

Where to Buy a Couch Without Flame Retardants - The Atlantic

Last week I wrote about the high rates of cancer among firefighters, which many researchers believe are driven by their exposure to flame retardants and other chemicals in burning furniture.

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